This web site originally came into existence dedicated to tell the story of the aviation unit that was to become known as The Flying Circus. Though this was a small unit by many standards, its relationship with the Headquarters & Headquarters Company of the 1st Brigade was very important.

While this story is about the aviation unit itself, there are a number of people from the HHC 1st Bde proper that had a definite relationship with the unit. Some looked after us while we were on the ground, while others actually flew with us on occasion. The bottom line is that these people were our close comrades in arms. They were, and still are, our personal friends.

All those that have been tracked down in recent years and who's details have been collected are listed on this page alphabetically. The details on each person are shown on separate pages in chronological order. This in itself tells a bit of a story. The members of the aviation unit are on one page while members of the HHC are on another page. This is in no way meant to put more importance on one group over another. It simply helps to locate the people associated with the unit based on how they were assigned to the HHC.

Those who's name is followed by "(HHC)" on this page will be found on the "HHC 1st BDE proper" page, while the remainder will be found on the "Aviation Unit" page.

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Aviation Unit
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Missing Persons / Details
Aigner, Phillip CAPTAIN AMERICA July, 1970
Amos, Frank PARNELLI May, 1969
Anderson, Pete SNAKE April, 1968
Appis, Micheal   September, 1970
Armstrong, Read STINKY July, 1969
Baginski, Joe BAGGY October, 1968
Barone, Charles CB November, 1966
Bartee, Terry   May, 1968

Bates, David   (HHC)


March, 1969

Bell, Jim


November, 1966

Billings, David L. HAWKEYE July, 1966 ??
Bishop, Phil YOSEMITE SAM November, 1967

Blazowski, Paul J.

SNIFFLES mid 1968
Botko, Alex DOG 6 January, 1970

Borowski, Carl


October, 1969

Brattain, Bruce BATMAN October, 1969
Brooks, Rob SNIDLEY WHIPLASH July, 1970
Buchta, Jerry KANSAS CITY COP October, 1969
Buell, Thomas WHITE RABBIT June, 1970
Burke, Ira H. STONEY March, 1969
Caifa, Mike CADILLAC JOE April, 1970
Calonkey, Hank   (HHC)   July, 1967
Childress, Ralph S. PLAYBOY November, 1966
Ciocca, David COYOTE October, 1969
Cox, Joe OUTLAW June, 1967
Conway, Bill SWAMP FOX August, 1966
Daulphin, Harold   July, 1966
Dede, Merlin BLACK KNIGHT May, 1968
Dhunjishah, Michael   August, 1965
Diekmann, David   November, 1969
Ehmann, Ronald   August, 1965
Emberton, Larry MIGHTY MOUSE May, 1968
Essenpreis, Arthur PINK PANTHER August, 1967
Estes, Sam   June, 1968
Farmerie, Dennis BLADE July, 1967
Foster, Mike CRAB June, 1969
Fowler, John E.   November, 1968
Fraraccio, Mark IGOR May, 1969
French, Daniel   (HHC) JINGLES March, 1968
Gaida, Gerry   July 1966
Gardiner, Ken CISCO October, 1969
Galyen, Frank STUMP May, 1969
Gluski, George JOLLY GREEN GIANT March, 1970
Grant, Cleveland GOMER June, 1968
Gray, Dave FOX August, 1967
Greager, Clay POP-TOP April, 1968
Green, Grant   May, 1966
Grossmann, Ron   September, 1968
Haggard, Doug SCOUTBIRD February, 1969
Hanna, James   June, 1966
Hannell, Tony J. EDGAR September, 1969
Harp, Donald TOAD June, 1969
Harris, Dan DUCK September, 1969
Harris, Jon LITTLE LUKE June, 1969
Harris, Tommy H. SMILEY January, 1969
Heilig, Roger P., Jr.   (HHC) FLIP September, 1965
Herndon, John   September, 1968
Hewitt, John WILD THING April, 1968
Hillard, Rod SPIKE April, 1969

Hinson, Bill

  March, 1967
Hirlston, Carl BIG H September, 1969
Hogan, Bill GOAT February, 1969
Holmes, Ed CHARTREUSE OX April, 1968
Howard, James B. POKEY March, 1969
Hurley, James   (HHC) WHIRLYBIRD September, 1965
Huynh Da Tai   (HHC)   September, 1965
Johns, Jeff HUNTER January, 1967
Jones, Lew F.   February, 1969
Joyner, Linwood J December, 1968
Kuypers, Thomas CHEYENNE October, 1967
Lashley, Warren   July, 1968
Marr, Joe   August, 1965
Maycen, Ed NEWGUY January, 1970
McAllister, Charlie TATERS June, 1970
McCann, Mick HAWG December, 1968
McKinney, Duke CALIFORNIA FLASH January, 1970
McLeroy, Larry GUNNER GOOSE June, 1969
McNevin, Ron MORY September, 1969
Medsker, Bill MUSCLES March, 1966
Miles, David LITTLE WOLF BUDDY March, 1969
Molinar, Reinaldo D. TUMBLEWEED June, 1967
Morris, Steve   (HHC) DOC April, 1967
Norris, Gary W.   December, 1969
Oberg, Harry COWBOY July, 1968
O'Rourke, Michael   October, 1968
Paitz, Mike BLUE GOOSE April, 1968
Pennington, Jack PENNY November, 1968
Pool, William H. KILLER February, 1967
Potvin, Bob HOSS November, 1967
Potvin, Joe LITTLE JOE September, 1968
Racine, Terrance D.   January, 1969
Randolph, Joe   June, 1967
Riley, Darryl "Pat"   May, 1968
Robinette, Ronnie CHEROKEE March, 1968
Rosonet, Ricardo A.   (HHC) STINKY September, 1965
Rossiter, Steve KING NINE December, 1966
Rybolt, Phillip ROAD RUNNER July, 1967
Salinas, Steve   June, 1967
Shearer, John SCROTUM February, 1969
Siems, Harold WEIRD HAROLD June, 1969
Smith, Alfred C. Fullback 13 September, 1965
Smith, Pete   (HHC)   April, 1967
Smith, Alan W. SNUFFY January, 1969
Smith, Bob   August, 1969
Smith, Tom ATOM ANT June, 1969
Squire, Bill SQUIRREL February, 1969
Steele, Kenneth JETHROW BODINE September, 1969
Stingley, Jim OGRE November, 1969
Stokes, Marvin R. TEX February, 1969
Sullivan, W. Mike GAUCHO May, 1968
Tallini, Drew   (HHC)   September, 1965
Temme, George   June, 1967
Twist, Thomas L. JOKER June, 1970
Underwood, William UNDERDOG January, 1970
Vanatta, Frank PHANTOM November, 1967
VanDan, Alan   (HHC) DAD December, 1968
VanNoy, William MOLE September, 1968

Villegas, Bernard

PINEAPPLE March, 1970
Wasmer, Tony   sometime early 1969
Wehrheim, Wayne   November, 1967
White, Claudio QUAIL October, 1969
Wiktorek, Tom PREACHER November, 1969
Wilhite, James EVIL EYE FLEAGLE January, 1969
Willey, Jim BEAVER February, 1967
Wingate, Enoch Rex WIND April, 1968
Winkler, Thomas   July, 1966
Winter, Warren L. SNOWMAN March, 1970
Zanavich, Jim DRAGON March, 1967
Zeuzem, Nicola   August, 1965
Zinsman, Hanz MINI GOOK April, 1970
Zuhlke, Keith ZONK May, 1969